Welcome to Save the Lemurs!

Save the lemurs was created to draw attention to one of the most unique places on earth, an island called Madagascar.  Over 80% of all plants and animals on the island are found no where else, and are in desperate need of conservation initiatives.  At least 90% of the original forest has already been lost due to increasing pressure on natural resources due to exponential population growth, natural disasters and outside exploitation such as mining and logging.

Our Story (part of it anyway!)

Lambas for Lemurs is a conservation education project we helped develop in Northwest Madagascar.  We used lambas, traditional wraps similar to sarongs, to raise awareness about the unique lemurs in villages where we had previously worked and to promote regional pride for the rare lemur species found there.  We spent 4 weeks in 2010 meeting local leaders, visiting local schools and training teachers and local conservation workers to use the educational resources we provided.  We also held workshops on market days where we gave out over 800 lambas for listening to our conservation message!

We were then fortunate to work for an incredible non-profit in Southeast Madagascar, Azafady, from 2010 to 2012.  Azafady’s holistic approach to regional conservation was incredibly inspiring to us both.  Most of Dave’s photos on this site are from our amazing two years with Azafady.  If you are interested in finding out more about how you could have a once in a lifetime experience living and working in a village in Madagascar, please check out Azafady’s website.

We will be adding more information and stories of our travels through Madagascar soon.  In the meantime check out Dave’s photos and the websites above for more information!