Working together #strongertogether

Wow, has it really been 2 years since our last update!? Time seems to slip away so fast  being back home.  Its been an exciting couple of years though!  Megan and I purchased our first home and have been very busy doing yard work ever since.  We are always brain storming ways to continue helping Madagascar even from afar.  We unfortunately have not been able to go back to Madagascar since working with Azafady, but it has been so nice to see all the organizations like the ones listed below working hard to spread the word about conservation in Madagascar.   (Obviously this is far from a complete list, if you would like us to add a link to your project please let us know! )

Lemur Conservation Network – We were excited to see the launch of this website that brings researchers working in Madagascar together.  The truth is that we really are #strongertogether

Planet Madagascar – Our friend Travis started this non profit company and they are currently raising funds to make a fire prevention documentary.  If you would like to help out check out this link: Planet Madagascar – Saving Lemurs through Film

Lemur Love – A non-profit organization of conservationists who are dedicated to preserving the flora and fauna of Madagascar through scientific research, community relations, and conservation education.

Eden Projects – Really excited to read about this project!  They have planted millions of trees in Madagascar so far! Check it out!

Check back for more updates.  We plan on uploading all of our Conservation Education materials soon that can be used both in Madagascar and abroad!